The Only Sons | Steel Hearts *FREE DOWNLOAD*

13 05 2009


The Only Sons’ latest album Steel Hearts is like a punch in the face.  You kind of see it coming but it still hits you hard.  It’s predecessor, Young Lungs, showed flashes of things to come, and on Steel Hearts, the Only Sons deliver the knockout blow.  Who are the Only Sons?  You may remember the band Ribbonpigeon?  TDR has posted about them before (couple posts down).  Well, Ribbonpigeon is now known as The Only Sons.  They’ve just released their new album Steel Hearts and have posted it to their website for you to download for free.  Physical versions of the album will be available from Sophomore Lounge Records in June.

b184153253Steel Hearts is a collection of twelve songs which mines much the same Alt-Country/Americana territory as Young Lungs while remaining fresh and honest.   Lead singer Kent Goolsby explains it thusly: “It’s really meant to be a companion piece to Young Lungs – kinda like brothers.”  Like Young Lungs rowdy brother, Steel Hearts picks up right from where “Lowlands” fades out with the band in full country-rock/Americana mode with the opening track “Lay Back Down” and through out much of the album.  The guitars may be out in full force on tracks like “Been Gone,” “Drew Blood” and rousing closer “We Will Get By,” the Only Sons still can slow it down with the best of them on “Taking Your Time with My Love” and “Stranger Here Myself.”  On “Troubled One” the Only Sons are joined by fellow Murfreeboroian Joey Kniser of Glossary (see below for a tone.deaf.rambler exclusive acoustic version of “Troubled One”).

Goolsby’s raspy vocals are warm and welcoming as he sings lines like, “And I’ve been searching all day for a night like this/And I just don’t know when to call it quits” from “Been Gone” or “Took your troubles to the county seat/With half a mind to die and the other half to drink/And all the courage that you thought you had/You left at the bottom of the Budweiser can” from “Loneliness is on my Side”.  The dual electric guitar interplay throughout the album, played by Goolsby and Mike Burgess (guitarist/lap steel), combined with the sold backing of bass (Jonathan Merritt) and drum (Blake Loftis) lead to a more upbeat and rocking album then one familiar with the band might expect.  Don’t worry the cries of lap steel and fiddle (Andrew Mosiman) as still in there too.

On Steel Hearts the Only Sons play with the confidence of a tight-knit band.  They know they’re good.  They want you to know it too.

Standout Tracks: “Been Gone” & “We Will Get By”



DOWNLOAD Troubled One (Acoustic)


Promo Video 1:

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Wilco (the album) LEAKED

13 05 2009

The up-comming Wilco album, Wilco (the album) has leaked to the internet and the band has posted it to their website for streaming.  Check it out

Dexateens | Can You Whoop It *FREE DOWNLOAD*

6 05 2009


As evidenced by previous posts on Dexateens (here & here), TDR’s affinity for the band comes as no surprise to loyal readers.  Surely news of the band’s upcoming album would be a note worthy event. Dexateens’ Latest album, Singlewide will be released May 12th by SkybucketCornelius Chapel Records.  Based upon the two new songs posted to the band’s myspace page, Singlewide maybe a more acoustic affair.

Also DOWNLOAD the closing track “Can You Whoop It” (featuring David Berman)

dexateens-singlewide-1Singlewide track listing:

1.  Down Low
2.  Caption
3.  Missionary Blues
4.  Spark
5.  New Boy
6.  Hang On
7.  Trail
8.  Same As It Used To Be
9.  Charlemagne
10.  Grandaddy’s Mouth
11.  The Ballad of Souls Departed
12.  Singlewide
13.  Can You Whoop It

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…and we’re back

17 03 2009

So after a what was intended to be a brief hiatus that stretched out to 8 months or so TDR has returned.  Look for reviews of albums from Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit, Ribbonpigeon, and many more in the coming weeks.

Ribbonpigeon | Young Lungs

10 07 2008

Jeff Tweedy once sang that great music, “You can’t hear it on the radio/You can’t hear it anywhere you go,” which one could take to mean that there is great music being made that most will never hear.  Whether it be due to record labels or corporate radio, many talented bands get passed over for what will sell to the masses.  tone.deaf.rambler is dedicated to trying to get the word out on those great bands that get overlooked (seriously it’s in the Mission Statement).

Ribbonpigeon is one such band.

Straight out of Murfreesboro, Tennessee, (also home to TDR favorite Glossary) Ribbonpigeon break on to the Alt-Country/Americana scene with Young Lungs, their debut album on Sophomore Lounge Records.  Ribbonpigeon, it’s an unusual name for a band, and there’s got to be a story behind that name right?  TDR asked front man Kent Goolsby where the band’s name came from.  “It’s kinda strange.” Goolsby replied, “I guess it was 3 years ago I had this dream that I was being held in a Nazi prison camp.  I got in some trouble for something and was hauled off to the head mistresses office. Did they even have head mistresses? I don’t think so.  Anyway – I got drug into the room and sat in a chair in front of her desk. Right in front of me on the desk was one of those small name plates people keep on their office desks.  It said “Ribbonpigeon” and in my mind (in the dream that is) I thought, ‘Oh yeah, of course, that’s the name of my band.'”

Throughout Young Lungs,  Goolsby’s worn, warm voice and acoustic guitar is backed by intertwined, sad cries of lap steel (Mike Burgess) and fiddle (Rebecca Ryan) all while the rhythm section (Blake Loftis, drums; Jonathan Merritt, bass) holds down a solid back beat.  This fusion of sounds produce familiar, yet vibrant Americana music with country undertones.  When Burgess moves from lap steel over to the electric guitar, such as on the closing track, “Lowlands,” the band takes on an almost Crazy Horse persona.  And while Ribbonpigeon can rock out, they can also slow it down just as effectively, such as on “Signal Fire” or “Slowdown Georgia.”  Perhaps the most striking song is the sparse and bare “Devil Wind”; just a guitar backs Goolsby’s heartfelt and haunting cries of “You better run for your life/’cause they’re coming for you, and me too.”   This mix of faster and slower paced songs create a coherent and effective flow for the album.

With “Young Lungs,” Ribbonpigeon have made what may be the Alt-Country/Americana album of the year.  The only thing is, you won’t hear it on the radio.

Standout Tracks: Devil Wind & Lowlands

+++Highly Recommended+++



Modern Men

Lowlands (live)

Signal Fire (live)

Do You Wrong (live)

The Hold Steady | Stay Positive *Now Streaming*

12 06 2008

The Hold Steady is now streaming their forthcoming album, Stay Positive, on their myspace page.

Stream Stay Positive

Jr. Juggernaut – Ghost Poison

10 06 2008

Jr Juggenaut

Hailing from the City of Angels, Los Angeles, California, Jr. Juggernaut have put out an album of power pop, country, and punk infused rock that once it’s entered your brain, it refuses to get out. The band’s first full length album, Ghost Poison, is front to back, one hit song after another (sans the instrumental “Midnight Mass”, which provides an interesting break in the middle of the album). Oh, if only radio still played good bands, these guys would be huge. Jr. Juggernaut, featuring Mike Williamson on guitar and lead vocals, Wal Rashidi on drums, and Kevin Keller on bass, strike the fine balance of writing songs that have great hooks while maintaining a power trio sounds that makes you want to pump your fist and sing along. Williamson sings with a gruffness in his voice and his heart on his sleeve that grabs the listener in and doesn’t let go. He may be singing about typical rock ‘n’ roll themes, (lost love and life’s trials and tribulations) he does so in such an honest, relatable way that it doesn’t matter how many times you’ve heard someone sing about it, it still sounds fresh. Ghost Poison is an album that is perfect for summertime cruising with the windows down, wind in your hair, and the stereo up and Jr. Juggernaut have proven themselves to be a band to watch.

Standout Track: “Another Two Weeks”



Stream Ghost Poison

Interview w/ Mike Williamson

Another Two Weeks

Coming In Backwards (poor audio)


Two Cow Garage | The Hold Steady | Jr. Juggernaut

21 05 2008

a couple quick updates:

Two Cow Garage

Sources indicate the Two Cow Garage has finished their fourth album, to be titled Speaking In Cursive, featuring 13 tracks and due in late summer (“Augustish”).

The Hold Steady

As previously reported, the Hold Steady are prepping the release of their fourth album, Stay Positive, on July 15. They have put up on myspace and for download at itunes the lead single “Sequestered in Memphis” featuring Lucero lead singer Ben Nichols on background vocals. If this single is a true representation of Stay Positive, July 15th can’t get here soon enough.

Jr. Juggernaut

Posted about this band previously, and wanted to follow up to say that this album is really good and will be getting a full review at some point in the future (see Coming Attractions). Also the download link on my previous post is now dead however the album is being streamed here so check it out while you can.

Drive-By Truckers | Dexateens – May 8, 2008

21 05 2008

Seeing a great band in a small venue is always something special. Seeing a relatively unknown band open a show and totally win over a crowd unfamiliar with their material is something you don’t forget. Those who were the Dragonfly Club in Harrisburg, PA on Thursday, May 8th and lived to tell the tale, witnessed both.

The Dexateens hit the stage around 9pm that night determined to kick ass and take names. While I’m guessing that few at the show knew of the band prior to the show, (based on talking to others pre-show, must not be tone.deaf.rambler readers) they should have picked up quite a few new fans after their performance. Playing songs from their 4 albums with reckless abandon, intertwined guitars, and pounding drums and bass, one can’t help but wonder how long these guys will be opening shows. Credit must be given to the Drive-By Truckers for allowing such a good band open for them, personally, if the Truckers announced tomorrow that the Dexateens were their opening band for the indefinite future I for one would jump for joy.

After an hour of ass kicking by the Dexateens and a half hour equipment change, the crowd grew restless as lights darkened and the Truckers took the stage. From the opening note of “Where the Devil Don’t Stay” to the closer of the main set “Lookout Mountain” the band remained in high gear the entire show but not for slowing things down slightly for “The Opening Act”, a personal favorite, and “I’m Sorry Huston”, sung by bassist Shonna Tucker towards the second half of the set. Also notable was the Warren Zevon cover of “Play It All Night Long” sung with the vigor one has come to know and expect from Paterson Hood.

After a short encore break, which to those paying attention noticed additional amps and guitar being brought to the stage, the band came back and tore though “Shut Up and Get On The Plane” and “Let There Be Rock.” And then, as if that wasn’t good enough, the Dexateens joined the Truckers on stage, (we’re talking five (5) guitars here) for a raucous version of Buttholeville>State Trooper>Buttholeville that brought the house down.

Now I don’t know about you, but over the last couple years I’ve heard much talk of how rock and roll is dead and music these days ain’t was it was back in the day, whenever that was. I can’t comment how shows were back in the day as I wasn’t there but I can say that rock ‘n’ roll is alive and well based upon witnessing this show from the front row (really the only way to see a show). Don’t beleive me, go see these bands and then try to tell me different, you won’t be able to do it. I will say that the ride how was somewhat uncomfortable, with all the ass kicking I received.

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Drive-By Truckers

Jr. Juggernaut & Hallelujah the Hills *FREE DOWNLOADS*

4 05 2008

Jr. Juggernaut | Ghost Poison

Got an email the other day from Suburban Home Records (home of Two Cow Garage & Drag the River) promoting the release of Jr. Juggernaut’s Ghost Poison and that it’s available as a free download for a limited time (200 downloads) here. So get it while you can.

Listening to it now and think that those who enjoy Two Cow Garage, The Replacements, Drag the River would like this. They list their influences on myspace as follows: “NEIL YOUNG, REPLACEMENTS, HUSKER DU, STEVE EARLE, JAY FARRAR, JOHNNY WINTER, DOUG SAHM, RAY WYLIE HUBBARD, DINOSAUR JR, BYRDS, DOC WATSON, STOOGES, GERMS, WILIS ALAN RAMSEY, TOM PETTY…ETC” Thats an impressive list and this band is well worth checking out.


Hallelujah the Hills | Prepare to Qualify EP


While checking Misra Records site for any updates on the release of the upcoming Centro-matic/South San Gabriel record I found a link to download an EP by the band Hallelujah the Hills called Prepare to Qualify. Not ever hearing of Hallelujah the Hills I of course had to check it out and learn more about the band. HtH are an indie rock band out of Boston and while I’m not a huge fan of what is known as indie rock, this is pretty good and worth checking out.

Download Here


Misra Records